10 Easy Hairstyles Perfect for Holiday Dinner

by sabpro

Whether you’re celebrating this Thanksgiving at an over-the-top event or attending a small, cozy gathering with your nearest and dearest, the question of how to do your hair is a common one. Alas, a midweek soirée doesn’t leave much time for practicing and perfecting a fancy new hairstyle. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to do some research and find the easiest holiday hairstyles to create when you don’t have much time.

Below, check out all our lazy girl-approved, yet photo-ready hairstyles to inspire you for the occasion—from natural curls and braids to blowouts and bobs. We promise they’re easy, not at all time-consuming, and you’ll probably already own all the products needed to pull them off.

Natural Curls

Logan Browning short afro with curl, natural bangs

There is nothing more beautiful than allowing your natural curl pattern to be the center of your look.

Textured Lob

Lucy Hale

The wavy lob became mega-popular for a reason. “The perfect blend of effortless and elegance, these textured waves are Glamsquad’s signature style,” Vaccaro says.

Retro Bob Pony

Bella Hadid Makeup

Want to upgrade your bob but don’t have time to go full-curl? This style will do the trick.

  • Add volume and a little tuck to the ends as you blow-dry with the Amike Bombshell Babe Thermal Brush ($100).
  • Leaving one section at the front free (which you can slick to one side like a bang), pull hair into a high ponytail.

Half-Up Waves

Lily Aldridge long wavy half-up, half-down hairdo

Waves don’t always have to stand on their own. Here, they get the added benefit of a half-up ponytail.

  • To nix dryness, apply DevaCurl Heaven in Hair Divine Deep Conditioner ($44) before styling.
  • Pull one top section of hair into a half-up ponytail.
  • Use a large-barrel curling iron to create loose waves throughout the hair.

Undone Waves

Jameela Jamil

This look helps to add a bit of thickness and shine to hair that is on the thinner side.

  • For a loose, undone wave, use a curling iron and shake out each curl as you go.
  • Then, brush through your hair gently with Tangle Teezer’s Original Detangling Hairbrush ($12) to create beautiful softness and shine without risking any breakage.

Double French Braids

Sienna Miller with double french braids

Though this look seems intensive, it’s easy enough to perfect at home. Better yet, it looks better as the day goes on.

  • Create a deep center part and separate each side of hair into sections.
  • To begin each braid, grab a small section of hair, dividing it into three equal sub sections and crossing the two outside strands beneath the middle strand.
  • After you make your first few crossovers, begin to add hair to the outside strands and braid under.
  • Continue until you get to the nape of the neck and secure each side with elastics.

Coiled Topknot

Hairstyles: Yara Shahidi Top knot

We’ve long established the allure of a topknot when there’s no time to wash your hair, but there’s something about doing it in a coiled bun that feels a little cooler to us.

  • Pull hair into a high pony, and secure with an elastic.
  • Gather the ends of the ponytail and coil around the elastic (you can even add a braid if you want, for added interest).
  • Add a bit of Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil ($28) to tame any unwanted frizz.

Voluminous Curls

Zendaya long, tousled curls

If volume and natural curls are your go-to, we’re right there with you.

  • Use a hydrating cream or oil right out of the shower (we love Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream, $34) to protect hair before you blow-dry.
  • Blow out your hair, using a round brush to add volume.
  • Using a curling iron, twist sections of your hair away from your face, curling all the sections in the same direction.
  • Use your fingers to comb through.

High Pony

Freida Pinto high messy ponytail

It’s the ultimate secure ‘do to keep your hair from interrupting your ability to chow down on pie.

  • Secure hair into a high ponytail, being sure not to keep things too perfect (a few flyaways or loose pieces at the front are okay).
  • Use a curling iron to loosely curl the ends for added bounce.

Piecey Pixie

Ruby Rose

Get a piece-y texturized look by using a wax or thick grip cream—but use them in small amounts; Coronado says they “tend to build up quickly.”

  • “Use fingers to create individual pieces starting at mid-shaft and pulling away from the head, creating a chunky look,” says Coronado. “I like Floyd’s Grip Cream ($18).”
  • A pixie cut looks great with a headband or scarf to finish the look, if you’re so inclined.

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